JR . Can Art Change the World?

The most comprehensive monograph on the enigmatic French street artist – now updated to include brand-new work Filled with stunning photography, this extraordinary monograph charts JR’s widereaching trajectory and a range of collaborative projects executed across the globe. Created in close collaboration with the artist, it features chapters on each of JR’s major bodies of work – from ‘Expo2Rue,’ which launched his career as a street artist, to ‘The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America’ published in Time magazine in 2018. A specially commissioned graphic novel by comic artist Joseph Remnant and a survey essay by Nato Thompson tell JR’s fascinating story.

  • JR, Nato Thompson, Joseph Remnant
  • JR: Can Art change the World?
  • Phaidon, 16. Oktober 2019
  • 9780714879444
  • 1216116151
  • Hardcover . 245 x 210 mm . 336 Seiten . 390 Illustrationen . Englisch
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