JR . How Old Am I?
A first-ever children's visual reference book on age - and a unique celebration of the diversity of humankind around the globe. Created by the iconic street artist JR for young readers For young children, the concept of age is abstract when they don't have a relatable context ... until now! This unique book showcases the faces and life stories of 100 people from around the world, organised by age, from a one-year-old to a centenarian, giving children a visual and descriptive reference point for each age. Striking close-up black-and-white portraits are paired with read-aloud text that shares personal experiences, wishes, memories, and emotions, leaving readers with an appreciation and understanding of the ageing process.
  • JR, Julie Pugeat
  • How Old Am I?: 1–100 Faces From Around The World
  • Phaidon, 12. Mai 2021
  • 9781838661588
  • 1216116152
  • Hardback . 215 x 185 mm . 216 pages . 100 illustrations . english
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